Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Democracy in Action

Being a good American girl, (and being as fed up with Bush as everyone else), I have been following the elections in America very closely. By now I, like I'm guessing everyone back home, am sick to death of it. Luckily I have the ability to turn off the coverage whenever I feel like it- I can't even imagine how smothering it must be back home.

Actually, I can, because right now London is caught up in a similar electoral maelstrom. The race for Mayor of London ends May 1 thankfully; at this point it may be even more omnipresent than the election in the US. If that is even possible. Everyday the news shows the two lead contenders; slimy incumbent Ken Livingstone, and foppish Tory challenger Boris Johnson running around London shaking hands, making unimaginably empty promises and hurling attacks. Like so many elections it has boiled down to a battle of personalities at this point; and it's every bit as exhausting as listening to Obama and Hillary go at it. And I don't even have a vote!

There's an interesting little piece in Slate magazine today by Anne Applebaum comparing the London mayoral race and the Democratic Primary. Check it out, it's a quick read and it proves that politics are a dismal science pretty much everywhere:

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